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About Us

Next Legacy Partners achieves maximum ROI by backing leading early-stage venture capital firms and enterprising founders.

Next Legacy Partners democratizes access to venture capital. We give philanthropists, athletes, and changemakers a seat at the table by investing in access-constrained venture funds and venture-backed companies on their behalf. We aim to create an impact that reaches beyond monetary returns.

Our Values

We prioritize relationships above transactions

Next Legacy is more than any one investment or fund. We are an enduring, evolving community. We share a belief with the firms, founders, and investors we partner with that trust and clear communication lay a foundation for long-term success. Transactions come and go, but our relationships persist.

Our Values

We achieve outperformance through diverse thinking

Diversity is at the heart of our strategy. Contrarians drive outsized venture returns, and contrarian insight primarily comes from diversity of thought. Perspective. Culture. Gender. Race. Relationships. So we’ve assembled our team, our investors, and the founders and VCs we invest in, all with diverse heritages and experiences, giving us advantages that ultimately drive outperformance. Not only is diversity important to us, it’s great for business.

Our Values

We champion excellence through stewardship

We take our role as stewards of Next Legacy’s literal and figurative assets seriously, and treat them with the care and respect they deserve. We do well by doing good, and do good by doing well. Our work is to serve our community, so we strive towards excellence in all that we do with deep integrity and honest accountability.

Our Values

We practice a next play mindset

We always aspire for better. We won’t always succeed, but we strive to constantly learn and realize our potential, as a team and as a community. We will never be perfect so we are never done. All that really matters is the next play.

Our Values

We cultivate a rookie determination

In the constantly changing world of technology and venture capital, a deep hunger for learning and relentless determination propels us onward, rather than resting on past achievements. Elite athletes in every domain never lose their rookie mentality, committing to continuous improvement and growth. Since we’re never done, we’re always just beginning.


Creating a seat at the table for this diverse community and harnessing venture capital returns for good is core to what we do. We bring our community together to learn and build relationships, unleashing their resources, connections, and talents to maximize their positive impact on the world.

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Peer-to-peer discussion on education

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2023 Women's Circle Breakfast and Conversation with Team USA Athletes

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Iron Sharpens Iron 2022 ft. Alex Smith and Anthony Noto

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Next Legacy team with documentary filmmaker, Ken Burns

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Spring Venture Workshop

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Rooftop dinner for philanthropic investors

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Bridge Summit 2022

How it Works

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